Today, we went out to search for and photograph Graffiti. I have always thought that graffiti on train cars was neat.  The guys doing the graffiti should consider doing this for a living as they are really good. Even with a degree in Commercial Art, I could only hope to be half as good as these guys are. We did find some graffiti on a few buildings in Burlington, NC. However, the photographs I have uploaded here, came from High Point, NC. We drove through town to the more industrial areas of town. We had to stop for a freight train to add cars. As the train slowly went by, I was able to photograph some of the cars which had graffiti. When the train was finally on its way, we drove parallel to the tracks to photograph some of the parked train cars.

graffiti-9 graffiti-8 graffiti-7 graffiti-6 graffiti-5 graffiti-4

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