It’s the day before the really BIG Super Moon is set to rise. Now knowing the moon will be a shade smaller than full on Nov 13 and I had plans for Nov 14, I decided to see what the moon would look like as it rose over Oak Hollow Lake. Now we decided to go to the Marina and take a few pictures there. As the time had changed, we figured the moon could rise while we were there. No such luck as we were chased out at 5:00 pm when they officially close the park. On the way out of the park, I saw a small area of colorful trees and their reflection in the lake. I pulled my car over to that side of the road and captured the picture below.









We left the park and proceeded to U.S. Route 311 N where the bridge crossed over the lake. My thoughts, the moon will rise and will be reflected in the water. Only, that didn’t happen.

I did get this beautiful picture of the lake as the sun was setting behind me. The moon…not over the lake. Remind me to get a compass to find out which way to take a moon picture. Maybe I need a wrist type GPS. Or….just use my iPhone. Back to my pictures. I did turn around and take a picture of the sun set and clouds.


I need to remember to call the police station and alert them that Two Little Old Ladies and a Camera would be parked close to the bridge on 311 with blinkers on while taking sunset/moonrise pictures over Oak Hollow Lake. It seems the police had several calls from concerned drivers that a car was stopped on the shoulder of the highway and a lady standing on the bridge over the lake. I had a visit from one of High Point’s finest to make sure we were okay and that I had no intentions of jumping off the bridge. BTW, he was really nice. I enjoyed talking with him about how beautiful the lake was at that moment and our many places for photographing.

When we left there, we went home. What did our eyes behold…none other than the moon in all its glory! Not the super moon and not reflected in the lake. Just the moon as it appeared the night before the Super Moon.

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