Huge Gazing Ball
Gazing ball at High Point University

It was such a beautiful day, that Louan and I decided after church to do a drive through to explore High Point University. There are so many beautiful gardens and water fountains that we could go each day of the year and still find interesting things to photograph. We were challenged twice while entering campus. Each security guard would as why we were there. My answer, “To see the flowers and take pictures of the flowers.” They had to make sure we weren’t professional photographers. I don’t think with our chose name , Two Little Old Ladies and a Camera, would be a professional name, more like a hobby. There are some beautiful statues of deer upon entering the campus. Traveling a little further, we came upon this garden with a huge gazing ball reflecting the garden and brick walkway. I just had to stop and take a picture. While at the gazing ball, I had to take a picture of the white  Crepe myrtle trees.

Crepe Myrtle Tree
White Crepe Myrtle Tree at High Point University

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